Monday, December 15, 2008

Lighting It Up...well, just a little

It's only a matter of time before I start to make soap, people.

I made my first candles ever last week. Well, now that I think about it, there was that time camping (as a kid) that the park service people had activities going. Each kid got a wick, and there were two buckets of melted wax many feet from each other. We all formed a line, dunked our wick, walked to the other bucket, dunked it again, etc., etc. Slowly, ever so slowly, a candle took form. While this sound sort of dull, it was actually a lot of fun. I think they also showed a nature film that night. The seats around the screen were big logs, if I remember correctly. Aaahh, good times.

But I clearly digress. I was taken with my new candle idea when I heard about a local candle store that makes soy wax candles with a million different essential oil scents to chose from. I also noticed that Joann's sells soy wax. So, in an amazing whirl of syncronicity, I got the wax, unburied some cool little jars from under the kitchen sink, and went to work.

The whole process was pretty simple. With a cheap pan from the V.O.A. I made a double boiler to melt the wax on the stove top. After it gets to a certain temperature, you take it off the heat and add your scent. I chose bergamot, because it's the best smell in the whole world. Well, I added and added and added, but it was really hard to tell if I added enough. In the end, the candles aren't very strong, but hopefully I'll have better results with the next set.

I have to say, the trickiest part was getting the wick to stay put while they set up. I eventually had to tie strings to them, then tie the string to the kitchen cabinet knobs. Sheesh. Well, even if they don't smell too strongly, I think they look lovely - which, in this world, as we know, really seems to make up for a lot.


Amanda said...

Lovely candles...I have always wanted to try making soy candles!

I remember making those same camp candles with Girl Scouts as a kid...and then later, my first job after graduating college was to work at an outdoor camp and one of the classes we taught was making those slow dipping candles! Good memories :)

Cheryl said...

These are beautiful! Look at your getting all kinds of crafty. Yeah, even if they aren't as strongly scented as you like, they are pretty pretty....

I wish I had as good memories as you guys do of younger days! I must have been walking in a weirdo fog or something...I just remember singing kumbaya! xx

jamilibrarian said...

Lovely! I think I read somewhere that you can tie the wick to a pencil and lay the pencil over the top of the candle to keep the wick centered.

Hey, did you know I make soap? We'll have to talk about sometime. Also, I have shelves & shelves of essential oils--I buy them by the pound! So I can sell you small quantities, cheap, if you want.