Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Spring Stuff

Every year the rhubarb action in my garden freaks me out a little.

It's just so weird, ya know? Makes me think of an alien baby - I know, it's gross, but I can't help it!

But then it starts to look more like a plant, and you turn around and it's big enough to hide small children and livestock in.

This was the garden a few weeks ago, and things certainly don't look quite as bleak now. But for reals, there's a crushing amount of work left to do. That is, after it's safe to plant stuff after our scorched earth weed attack. I hate it, but we had to use the Round Up, or there would be no peas, lettuce, carrots or tomatoes. Just thistles. And more thistles, and a few locust trees that I don't need. Oh well, we can always try better next year, and know that, even if it's not organic, at least it's homegrown!

And in the spirit of spring, here's a shot of some tulips I treated myself February. I just didn't get around to sharing them until now....Well, I can try better next time, right? They're still pretty even if they're not exactly hot off the presses!