Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Pretties

Those ancient folks sure had the right idea to start up the festival atmosphere and solstice fun-times when the world is starting to look its crappiest. All the pretty stuff in the natural world goes away, but now Christmas lets us make things look a little better, right? I'll admit - I had my outside lights up on Thanksgiving Day, but only because it was so warm out! I swear!

Here's a few of my favorite decorations this year.

This ingenious, simple and elegant decoration is so easy, I wanted to make a million. In fact, I did at work, to decorate our meeting room. But at home, I had to rein it in a little. I friend posted these directions from Design Sponge as a simple, inexpensive homemade decoration. And they are exactly that. With a little thread and ribbon, they are now strung over my living room windows. I used some scrap booking paper for these, but the simple red and white ones at work look lovely and simple, too.
And here are my absolute favorite decorations on the tree. I think I got these at a Joann's, years ago. Now I wish I'd gotten more, to cover the whole tree. Ooooh, sparklies.

I got this tree topper at Ikea, years ago, too. I love how it's fancy but very rustic at the same time. I do wish that some day, though, I'll be able to convince myself to part with the money needed for a for real tree. Oh well, it's still pretty and sparkly, and silver and gold, just like Burl Ives the snowman says.
Now, I need to figure out if I can take a picture of the outside lights while they're on at night, cause that is my very favorite part of the season - big, fat, colorful lights up, brightening up the night.


Cheryl said...

Those ornaments turned out perfect! To think I posted them forever ago, haven't made them and there you are amazingly creating them effortlessly. Your tree looks so pretty pretty. I always like real trees too especially since growing up we just had artificial except one magical year of a real one. I was hooked. This year though, a real tree wasn't an option, and you know, it still does the trick.

Amanda said...

Love the paper ornaments, and your new blog header!!!