Friday, December 12, 2008

Check out this bug!

So I wandered into the bathroom the other day, and my eye was caught by motion - which is unusual when you're in the bathroom alone. Well, there trekking across the toilet tank was this:

Now - it's winter. All of the other creepy crawlies that I expect to find wandering the house are gone. It was kind of warm this day, but come on! This guy was at least 1'' long, so I don't think he's a newborn.

Well, after the startle in me settled out, I obviously was intrigued enough to grab the camera. He really was a cool bug, and had the funniest hesitant gate. He actually reminded me of a picture book I read all the time, about gnomes and bugs and fairies. He looks exactly like one of the characters! Anyway, I thought he was kinda cool, and maybe just a little out of place.

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