Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Aaaahhh, jack-o-lantern day has arrived! I finally took my littler guy in off the porch to be given his new persona....

I think he's spooky, but also a little odd and funny at the same time. I so enjoy carving pumpkins, it just sucks they're available only a short part of the year. It's the ultimate chance to carve out positive and negative space, but it's on such an un-intimidating canvas the goofiness is a natural side effect. It's so freakin' fun.

Here's last year's model....

A little bit of a friendly vampire look, right? That pumpkin was almost perfectly circular - so fun to fill in that face.

I'd better get to rinsing the pumpkin guts off the seeds, so that delicious toasting can happen tomorrow. Yum - salty crunchy goodness. In the meantime, my porch is ready for trick or treaters.

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Cheryl said...

LOVE your pumpkins! I'm so jealous. Yesterday though we found a costume and I did see my first (although very very little) pumpkins here. Happy Halloween!