Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a Beautiful Afternoon...

Despite the fact this is the first day of "falling back" and less daylight, it was a gorgeous afternoon. It's unseasonably warm, so I was able to spend a little time outside today, and the transition to super-depressing-winter-time was a little easier to take.

I just love this time of day, when the shadows get long in the back yard and the sky is all orange and bright. There's something very comforting about it to me. It's the end of the day light - the light of everyone coming home, the light of dinner time and everything being right in the world.

So, in-between cleaning out the fridge (so satisfying) and loads of laundry, I squeezed in some fresh bread and a pot of from scratch chicken noodle soup. There were all kinds of yummy smells going on in the house. Add in the smell of clean laundry, and I'm a very happy lady.

This was my first pot of chicken soup from home made stock, and even though it's a multi-step process, it's totally worth it. T made game hens earlier in the week ( I know, game hens?) and we had a whole one left over. I used the bones for stock a couple of days before, which was super easy, then today, added in the left over hen, some potatoes and the delicious noodles, and that's it! Not counting picking bones out of the stock and stripping the meat from the bird, it was practically effortless. What could be more delicious than bread and soup?

A beautiful end to the day. Now, if only this season of Mad Men wasn't over, things would be just about perfect :)

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