Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flowers, grown and made

Here's one of the last flowers of the season, scavenged during the great yard cut down a few weeks ago. I hated to discard anything still in bloom, so in they came for a few more days on the window sill. After clicking around, I think this flower is Tall Blue Pitcher Sage. I still have a ton of unidentified flowers in my yard, planted by the previous owners. Either way, this one was the winner for longest blooming - even with the crazy Indian summer we had.

But, since all flowers must eventually fade, I just finished a new project from the Alabama Stitch Book, by Natalie Chanin.

Here's a spankin' new, recycled t-shirt flower! This was a very simple project, and I love the results. You basically cut long, skinny strips of any old t-shirt, then make regular, vertical cuts into your strips, roll them together by twos, and sew up to secure. Combine about 5, and you get an everlasting chrysanthemum. Here's what the "baby" flowers look like, before coming together.

Once you stick these guys together, slap on a couple of felt leaves, there ya go! I'm finishing up my second one, and want to make one from a prettier color, for something brighter during the winter. I tell you, after sewing these together, I was definitely wishing I had a clue as to where my thimble was.
In other news, later today, I'm going to be making cheese with a friend - fresh mozzarella. I'm pretty excited to see how it all rolls out. I'll let you know how it all goes!


Cheryl said...

These are soooo pretty! Winter white and cheery :) Love them.

Amanda said...

I LOVE Alabama Stitch Book...just got it in on my card...trying to decide what to create. The flowers are lovely :)