Thursday, April 16, 2009

Milk Glass

Here's my latest wedding decor brain storm: milk glass vases. I saw a couple I had sitting around on my window sill, and thought, "Oh, how pretty those are together like that." Well, if two are cute together, than a whole bunch will be adorable, no? I've been hitting up thrift stores like crazy for all these vases, preferably with lots of different textures. Luckily, every old person that has died in the last 30 years has about 5 of these under their kitchen sink and then their stuff was then been donated to Goodwill. By themselves, they just say "hospital florist, " but together, they look country charming.

I plan on grouping several together on the table tops, maybe mix in some mason jar and cram in as many Hydrangea, Queen Anne's Lace and Bells of Ireland as I can. That is, if the Bells of Ireland grow this year. Stupid seeds.

And for no good reason, other than that it's pretty: a lovely spring flower.

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