Monday, May 25, 2009

Something Old

Just about 30 years ago, our next door neighbor Judy made a present for me that I'll just now be able to use. She made one for all three of us girls, and although it's sort of an old fashioned idea by now, I still think it's charming.

The gift is a baby bonnet, made from a handkerchief. It looks like you just sew a couple of corners together, add some bows and ribbons, and there you go. Then, when baby girl is suddenly an adult, she can open up the seams again, and have a handkerchief to carry down the aisle, as her something old.

It's been sitting in a box for 30 years, so I hope I'll be able to make it look presentable. That's a pretty long time to let the wrinkles set it. Here's the little poem that goes with it, that was on that adorable 70's giraffe card:

I'm just a little Hanky, as square

as square can be.

But with a stitch or two they made a

bonnet out of me.

I'll be worn home from the hospital or on

the Christening day

Then I'll be carefully pressed and neatly/

packed away.

Then on the Wedding Day so we have always

been told,

Every well dressed Bride must have that

something old.

So what would be more fitting than to

find little old me

A few stitched snipped and a Wedding Hanky

I'll be.

And if perchance it is a boy someday he'll


So to his Bride he can present the Hanky

once worn upon his head.

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Cat said...

What a sweet little thing. How nice that you have it to carry in your wedding.