Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daisy Chain

Here the latest wedding decoration idea I've been furiously making. Since we're having a pretty informal affair, I haven't really "picked colors." There's just something so churchy wedding about that, to me, for some reason. However, I do envision sticking to light green and white for flowers and other furbelows. I randomly bought some pale green ribbon a few months ago, without a real plan for it, but this one worked out perfectly. Like a lot of fun crafty things, I found this idea on One Pretty Thing.

So, I used my Joann's coupon, got a dandy flower shaped paper punch, the tiny hole puncher necessary, and went to town until my hand hurt (of course. I never know when to stop.) . It's really incredibly easy, and I think it looks so charming. I'm not exactly sure where this will be draped for the event, but I'm sure it will make its way in somewhere. That is, of course, after I make roughly 83 more feet...
(Sorry for the crummy pictures, by the way. We had one last kick of winter early this week - snow even. Hopefully that kind of hooha is done with!)

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Cheryl said...

So pretty. What a nice idea. And you wrote hoo-ha :)