Friday, September 19, 2008

New camera! Yay!

I finally got a new camera today, so I feel like I can actually start to post! I've been making a lot of stuff lately, so it was killing me not being able to take pictures and write about the things I've been doing.

I'll start with first things first - the boyfriend knitting project that actually took less than a year to complete! Ta da!

My man actually picked this yarn out himelf, on ebay - Debbie Bliss cashmere, of course. I think this is the first %100 cashmere I've worked with before (ummm, cause it's sorta expensive, unless you have a bargain-hunting, ebay-shopping man) and it was such a pleasure to work with. So smooth and the final product has a really nice weight to it. It's super warm, of course, too. I'm going to make myself one in the orange he bought - but he wants me to make it big enough so that he can wear it, too! Here the simple, classic pattern, from Needle Beetle.

I'm really proud of my knitting on this project - very few visible errors, if I do say so myself. I may have never finished the Knitting Guild's master class, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn a thing or two! And though I hate to admit it, working with really nice fiber seems to make a difference in the project. Whether because you're more conscious of the precious yarn in your hands, or just the better quality, who can say?

Anyway, I'll get to posting more in the next days. If I could take a picture of my new camera, I would!

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