Monday, July 27, 2009


May I present (a crummy picture of), the house of a woman about to throw a wedding in just under 2 weeks...

Mind, this is after I spent all of Friday cleaning. That explains the mix of brooms and tiki torch in the corner there (well, maybe not the tiki torch). Five cases of coke bottles, a flower girl basket and a giant box from Macy's - really this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm too ashamed to post pictures of my basement, but there you will find galvanized tubs, a million boxes of lights, food serving hooha, tangled masses of sewn party banner and countless unfurled tissue paper pom poms.

Here's to hoping all this will magically turn into a wedding!

Seriously, I've absolutely reached the "I'm done with this, let's get it over with" phase of wedding planning. Along with the library funding uncertainties in the mix, let's just say sleeping can be a little sketchy lately! I'm very much looking forward to the return to normal life, and being able to focus my creative energies back onto knitting, sewing and all those other fun projects that pop up.

Some things I plan to blog about post-wedding: a homemade smoker made of terra cotta pots, a minor bathroom update, the garden turning into the shaggy monster it always does, a new sewing machine (I haven't even had time to play with!), my return to knitting (via a drop spindle), a trip to Belize and well, yes, probably a little bit about the actual wedding.

As a parting picture, here are some lovely tomatoes from the back yard. Turns out grape tomatoes are very rewarding plants. I don't love a raw tomato, but these are great sliced up and warmed in pasta. They match that Coke bottle perfectly, right? By the way, Coke is sooo much better from glass. Why is that?


Cheryl said...

Hey - sorry things are stressful right now but everything will be wonderful. And just think you'll soon be in BELIZE! Nice tomatoes :)

Oh and hey - did I ever tell you that we've been drinking coke from glass this whole year? It's the SAME PRICE as cans! And I agree soooo good. Hasn't helped my addiction one bit and I've probably ruined my teeth that much more, but it's been worth it.

Amanda said...

The week before a wedding is the craziest thing! But it is so joyous and fun once the day arrives and you can finally enjoy it.

Congrats and good wishes for a long and happy marriage!!!