Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretties from the Garden

I had a little time to wander around in the garden today (willfully ignoring the weeds, and overgrown spinach), so I cut a few flowers and snapped some pictures of the pretty things to be seen there in early June.

Those purple blooms are potatoes, and it looks like we should have lots, if we can avoid all the awful things that want to eat up the plant before we do. It also appears that we should have a bumper raspberry crop this year, too. Here the babies are, all tiny and green and fuzzy.

Here's the end of this year's columbine. I can only assume there are seeds in there...Anyway, they look pretty cool - kind of like jester's hats, right?

And while this didn't happen today, I had to share one of the photos. I think it was last week, a pretty strong storm came through the area, and I caught sight of the edge of the front as it started to cover up the sun in the evening. Totally cool things happened to the rays and shadows off the clouds, so I ran inside, got my camera and starting taking pictures. Here's just one.

It looked like you could've walked on those clouds. I'm so glad I dropped what I was doing and ran for my camera!

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