Friday, October 29, 2010

Beer, beer, beer, beer!

As some of you may know, my husband and a couple of his long time friends are in the process of starting a micro-brewery. The past year has been working towards building a business plan, getting an SBA loan and investors, finding a space. Interesting at times - but, ya know, mostly kind of, well, unexciting details.

Things just got a little more interesting, though. Thanks to one of the investors, there is now a 2 barrel brewing system living in our garage!

While things are still wrapping up on the financial end, the group wanted to get started working on the actual product. A used system showed up for sale and they took the plunge. For some reason, the best place for this thing to be right now is in our garage...Don't ask, it just is.

So T got it all put together last weekend. It just needs hooked up to some propane, we need some grain, yeast and water and we're ready to go!

It's a whole lotta shiny stainless steel, right?

The product line will be called Born Beer, after a former Columbus brewery that operated from 1864 up until 1919, when prohibition pretty much shut them down.

So, hopefully you'll be seeing this in a store sometime in the next year or so! And hey - if you know someone who might want to invest in a brewery, let me know! ;)

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