Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something Yummy

Well, I've been a little slowed down here, probably since iTunes software killed the mouse on my computer (ho boy, there was some gnashing of teeth). But I got that all fixed up and I'm trying to combat the winter blahs. How is it a lack of sunshine can just suck the energy right out of a person?

Well, here's something so easy and delicious, it's bound to cheer you up, at least a little. Homemade tortilla chips, baked in the oven.

It seems to me, there's always more tortillas in a package than can be used - then again, there's just two of us at home, so I imagine not all families have this problem. But if you do get a hankering for chips and salsa, and don't have chips, this a quick fix.

-Preheat your oven to 400, and slice up 3-4 flour tortillas into chippy shapes (more or less, of course, depending on just how snacky you're feeling).

-Coat a baking sheet moderately with cooking spray, then lay your tortilla pieces in one layer on the pan, pressing them down to make sure the bottom is coated in the oil.

-Spray the top of your soon-to-be chips lightly, sprinkle on some salt, and put them in the oven.

-Depending on your oven, and the thickness of the tortillas, they should come out golden brown, crispy and delicious in about 6-8 minutes. Seriously - that's all it takes! Make sure to re-coat your pan for subsequent batches.

Now, watch out, cause these are pretty addictive. I found they're particularly good with hummus. And since they're baked, you can feel not quite so bad about eating a boat load. We'll just pretend white flour isn't a carb rich food, agreed? I've never tried it with corn tortillas, but I can't imagine it wouldn't come out just as good.

Well, I feel more chipper already - ugh, bad pun not intended...


josh said...

Here, here - they are delicious! I've been lucky enough to sample these bad boys and they're excellent vehicles for your favorite dips.

katie said...

These look yummy!

I've done a different take on these for brunch by spraying cooking spray on tortillas, sprinkling a little cinnamon and sugar, baking them, and serving with a fruit "salsa".

DiannaB said...

Oh, that sounds delicious! That'll be next batch for sure :)

Cat said...

L - k8tie is thinking like me - I add cinn and sugar, too. Yummers! These baked chips really are better, IMHO than any baked chips you can purchase.